Ensar at Expomaritt 2021 International Maritime Fair

Ensar at Expomaritt 2021 International Maritime Fair

 As Ensar, we exhibited our products at the Expomaritt Exposhipping 2021 fair held in Viaport Marina Tuzla on 30 November-03 December 2021.

 We gave detailed information about the following products, which are our new products with our existing products:

 - B-15 Type Thin Wall Panel

 - B-15 Type High Sound Insulated Panel

 - B-15 Type Ceiling Panel

 - B-15 Type Glazed Door with kick-off panel

 - A-60 Type Glazed Door

 - Wet Unit, Interior Accessories and Floor Application

 - Fully Stainless Kilitbahir Lock System.

 The new product variety, which meets the expectations of the maritime industry, was appreciated by the visitors.

 At the Expomaritt Exposhipping 2021 fair, ENSAR attracted the attention of the maritime industry with its new products and export-oriented works.