Great Interest to Ensar Stand at Expomaritt 2019 Fair

Ensar, exhibited its products (fire resistant panel, door and wet unit) at the Expomaritt/Exposhipping-15 fair.

 We have provided detailed information to our visitors about the advantages and differences of our products in quality and performance compared to similar ones.

 The "door mechanical life test system", in which the wing-frame compatibility of the doors, the strength of the hinges and the door lock are fully tested, became the focus of our customers' attention.

 The tri-bolt and fully stainless steel lock used in our fire resistant doors was appreciated by our customers.

 In addition, the name of the stainless lock, "Kilitbahir", which is familiar to the sailors, was also appreciated.

 The usefulness of the reservoir system in wet units and its easy accessibility and intervention in case of problems were demonstrated on the product.

 We had mutual meetings with our domestic and foreign visitors about ongoing and new construction projects.